MTG (Manufacturing Technology Group) is a group of researchers working at the Department of Industrial and Digital Innovation of the University of Palermo.
MTG carries out research and teaching activities and looks back to more than 20 years of research in manufacturing science and continuous participation to the most important international scientific events.
Recently, the research activity has been focused on the following topics:

Joining techniques: solid state and deformation based processes.
Solid State: Friction Stir Welding and Linear Friction Welding.
Innovative joining processes able to join difficult to weld or unweldable materials (even dissimilar joints)
with extremely high mechanical performances and low residual stress.
Deformation based processes: Clinching and Self Piercing Riveting
Cold forming processes designed to produce spot overlapped joints even using dissimilar materials
(including composites and hybrid composites/metals)
Investigation of the industrial sustainability of the process
Choice of the operative parameters
Application on fully 3D components
Measurement of the static and dynamic joint strength
Measurement of the residual stresses
Definition of an analytical cost model

Chip recycling techniques (solid state): Friction Stir Extrusion.
Innovative direct recycling process designed to produce high quality wires or small billets from metallic
scrap of light alloys (aluminum, Magnesium and Titanium) in a one-step operation.
Investigation of the industrial sustainability of the process
Choice of the operative parameters
Measurement of the static and dynamic recycled product strength
Definition of an analytical cost model

Incremental forming processes
Extremely flexible dieless sheet forming process for the production of small batches or “one of a kind”
components with reduces costs with respect to traditional sheet stamping
Material choice and investigation on the forming limiting conditions
Industrial sustainability of the process
Cost accounting and determination of the economic production batch 
Precision of the process (springback phenomenon and residual stresses)
Reverse Engineering techniques

Hot forging processes
Investigation on hot forging processes of industrial components (Nimonic 90, 115, Titanium
Development of wear models in hot conditions aimed to the determination of the die life
Development of hot forging processes design techniques taking into account both technological
and economic constraints

Numerical Simulation of forming processes
Set up and development of 2D and 3D numerical model for bulk and sheet forming processes
as well as cutting, joining and Additive Manufacturing processes
Prediction of the final microstructure through the use of tri-coupled models
Optimization of the process parameters through multi-objective approaches


SMART 2018 is the 5th Summer School on Sheet Metal Advanced Research & Teaching which will be held at Institute of Manufacturing Technology (LFT) of the Friedrich-AlexanderUniversität Erlangen-Nürnberg (FAU) in September 2018 and which will be organised by FAU and MTG.

Please find HERE the SMART 2018 flyer.